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Before I even graduated high school, I was bouncing at nightclubs and working for multiple contract security guard companies in the Lehigh Valley area. I was quick to notice that with no training, these security companies would send overzealous employees to work with a uniform and a badge telling them that they were “law enforcement officers.” I noticed my peers acting like they were cops. I wondered how somebody making minimum wage, with little or no training was allowed to carry a gun, handcuffs and pepper spray all while deceiving others by presenting themselves as some sort of pseudo police officer. I quickly realized that this added more liability to the customer than it removed. When it came to doing what was best for the customer, I felt like these companies were falling short. That is why I started Omega Protective Services, LLC in Northampton PA. I felt that customers would appreciate professional, respectable services. That continuing education and respectable wages would maintain more qualified, better-performing employees. Understanding that private security isn’t about power by deception but about providing the customer with a friendly, professional service while creating a safer environment and limiting the customer’s liability. Employing this business model has helped the company to grow year after year.

Realizing that serving the customer doesn’t begin and end with security guards, over the past several years we have grown to include more services. The addition of training services, EMT guards, investigations and surveillance/alarm system services have helped us meet the customer’s needs better than our competitors. Also, offering general event staff and event first aid to our already flourishing event security division has helped Omega to become the leading all-inclusive event services company.

I truly believe that Omega Protective Services, LLC is the best security company in the Lehigh Valley. I enjoy going to work knowing that my employees are in the field providing friendly, professional, safe and reliable services to the surrounding communities.

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Gregory Kuhn is Forty Under 40 award recipient

Congratulations to our President & CEO, Gregory Kuhn on being a 2017 Forty Under 40 award recipient!

Rising stars honored at Forty Under 40 awards ceremony. “We honor these individuals for their accomplishments in their chosen careers, their commitment to their communities and their struggle and hard work to achieve both,”… Read the full article at www.lvb.com

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We were featured in a Lehigh Valley Business article, Behind the List with Gregory J. Kuhn of Omega Protective Services LLC, titled ‘Strong roots in the Lehigh Valley’ by Christopher Holland, on February 29, 2016.

We were featured in a Small Business Trends article, Does Your Business Need a Security Guard? 10 Signs That Point to ‘Yes’, based on an interview we did on December 12, 2016.

We were also featured in another article on December 19, 2016, 10 Considerations When Hiring a Security Company to Protect Your Business.

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To begin with, Omega provides the most trained, skilled, and experienced security services in the region. Furthermore, Omega Protective Services is here to serve you in any capacity needed. From event staff to camera system installs to security guards and everything in between, we have got you covered. In short, trust only the best team in the industry to perform the job correctly. So, call Omega for a successful event, a safer workplace, reducing losses, and much more!

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