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Omega is truly your full service event planning logistics company. Not only do we offer event security, EMS and general staff, we also provide assistance planning your event. Omega can act as a consultant if you’re planning a festival, concert, sporting event or other event. We understand that those running an event or nonprofit have other obligations during the planning phase such as family, full time job, etc. On the day of your event, you’ve got a lot of things on your plate. Let us be the expert by your side from day one. We are experienced in working with all types of vendors and setting you up with any type of event service you’ll need.

Charles S. Eckenroth
Propietor of ArtFarm, SolFest/Halloluna Productions

I have found Omega to provide a professional and valuable service at a reasonable rate. Omega was easy to work with and they were very thorough in understanding and providing exactly the kind of service I needed to keep a large music event running safely and smoothly. They developed a plan that would work best for the outdoor venue and its particular needs.

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To begin with, Omega provides the most trained, skilled, and experienced security services in the region. Furthermore, Omega Protective Services is here to serve you in any capacity needed. From event staff to camera system installs to security guards and everything in between, we have got you covered. In short, trust only the best team in the industry to perform the job correctly. So, call Omega for a successful event, a safer workplace, reducing losses, and much more!

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