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Education & Training

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Education & Training

Security doesn’t begin and end with guards or cameras. Where other companies fall short, Omega Protective Services, LLC offers many training and pre-planning options to educate and enable your company’s employees.

  • Security Threat Analysis
  • Property Vulnerability Assessment
  • Emergency and Disaster Planning
  • De-escalation Classes
  • CPR Certification Training
  • First Aid Certification Training
  • Employee Emergency Training
  • Corporate Security Guard Training

Sara Moore
President, Ju-Ju Monkey, Inc

Omega Protective Services filled a void for us at Ju-Ju Monkey. We were looking for someone to help our families become certified in infant, child and adult CPR and Greg & his team were able to easily accommodate our schedules. We are thrilled to be working with a small business that values great customer service and stands behind their work. Thank you Omega Protective Services!

Heather Wood
Kutztown Area Transport Service

Omega came to the ambulance transport service company I work for and presented us with TONS of pertinent information. I believe our instructor used the limited amount of time to the best advantage. From safety to protocols to tips and tricks, there wasn’t a topic that was missed. Would definitely recommend! The hands on portion was great because the instructor was very constructive and a great coach! I learned a lot, and I believe my coworkers did too!

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With the most trained, skilled, and experienced security services in the region, Omega Protective Services is here to serve you in any capacity needed. From event staff to camera system installation to security guards and everything in between, our security company has got you covered. Trust only the best team in the industry to get the job done right for a successful event, a safer workplace, reducing losses, and much more!

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